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Reminder on Non-acceptance of Checks w/ Erasures, Alterations &/or Duplicate Account Nos. (Dorsal)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Pursuant to Memo Circular No. 3514 dated February 19, 2019 and Operating Memo No. 20-033 dated July 8, 2020, Checks found to have any of the following exceptions at the dorsal side are no longer acceptable for deposit/clearing:

  • Erasure/s on the Account Number

  • Two Account Numbers are written

  • Dorsal Deposit Information (Name of Bank, Date Of Deposit, Account Number) for another bank

If an endorsement/Dorsal Deposit Information of another bank is already indicated or if there are erasures or duplicate indication of Account Number at the back of the Check, most likely, such Checks may have already been previously negotiated/paid.

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