PESONet MC 22-100

29 July 2022




1. We are pleased to inform that PCHC has begun to enroll Treasury Users in PESONet to the PESONet MBS portal

with Enhanced 2-Factor Authentication.

2. PESONet Participants that submitted their list of Treasury Users (Treasury Maker and Tresury Authorizer roles) in

EXCEL file format on deadline date July 28, 2022 shall expect to receive the initial access credentials of their

Treasury Users for use in the PESONet MBS portal within the week of August 1-5, 2022 (1st week of August).

These credentials shall be sent by PCHC to the participant’s designated Liaison Officer.

3. Upon receipt of their respective initial access credentials, Treasury Users may start accessing the new PCHC

portal to set-up their One-Time PIN. Please refer to ANNEX A - Guide in Setting Up

One Time PIN (OTP).

4. Treasury Users will be able to access the PESONet Front-End through the PCHC portal upon successfully setting

up their One-Time PIN.

5. Effective August 8, 2022, the following PESONet URL’s will be decommissioned to strictly enforce the enhanced

2FA under the new portal.

· (using USB-Based Tokens)

· (without 2-FA)

6. Participants with treasury roles but failed to submit the list of users as a requirement for on-boarding in the new

portal are hereby requested to submit the Treasury Users’ list to get enrolled no later than August 3, 2022. Kindly

submit the list of users in EXCEL file format as attachment in email to the following officers:

Name e-mail

Frederick Garcia

Gary Ednalaga

Jose Vicente Ga

7. Any user whose enrollment is not received by August 3, 2022 will not be able to access PESONet and will need to

enroll using the normal user onboarding process, which may be subject to lead-times and additional


8. We count on the full support of all PESONet participants.

PESONet MC.22-100.On-Boarding of Treasury Users to PESONet MBS Portal
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PESONet MC.22-100.ANNEX A -Guide in Setting Up One Time Pin (OTP) (3)
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PESONet MC.22-100.Copy of Updated List of Users PCHC Portal_PESONet
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