PESONet MC 22-085

February 8, 2022

T O : All PESONet Participants


1. Please be advised that inward transactions shall be made available for viewing/download even before

settlement in PhilPaSS+ starting Friday, February 11, 2022.

2. The PESONet Front-End allows viewing of up to 10,000 transactions through the Daily Consolidated page. In the

event an RFI receives more than 10,000 transactions, these are viewable only through the PESONet Enhanced

Interface File and corresponding Inward Report.

3. Please take note that the ‘Unstatused Transactions’ page is not intended for viewing of Inward Transactions as

this page displays up to 1,000 transactions only. The page is intended to validate if an RFI may have missed to

provide status for some transactions and should be used only AFTER the RFI has uploaded and authorized its

status update file.

4. Transactions downloaded prior to settlement are NOT FINAL and it is the participant’s responsibility to validate

against the settlement results posted in PhilPaSS+.

5. Participants using the PESONet Front-End should compare transactions they downloaded via the EIF, Inward

Report, or API versus their actual DDA3 settlement entries to determine if there are transactions that need to be

excluded from processing.

6. If there is a discrepancy between the DDA3 settlement entry and the downloaded file, it means that the RFI has

received transactions from OFIs whose transactions were eventually abolished due to a failure in funding of the

OFI of their DDA3 account.

7. In the event a participants’ transactions are abolished due to a failure of DDA3 funding, PCHC shall not issue any

advisory and banks are advised to attempt to download updated inward files from the PESONet Front-End.

These files are updated shortly after settlement is completed.

8. Participants are likewise advised to ensure correctness of their inward transactions vs. their DDA3 settlement

entries in PhilPaSS+ prior to crediting beneficiary accounts. PCHC shall not be responsible for any transactions,

which due to inadvertence or oversight, are credited by RFIs even if the concerned transactions are

subsequently abolished for being unfunded.

9. Meanwhile, participants using API will be able to determine the status of the cycle via the cycle_status field of

the Index Endpoint:

Cycle Status Description

OPEN Cycle is still open

CLOSED Cycle has closed

FINAL Cycle has closed and settlement has been completed

10. Please be guided accordingly.

PESONet MC.22-085.Availability of Inward Transactions
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