PESONet MC 21-067

September 9, 2021

T O : All PESONet Participant Banks/Institutions


1. We are given the go signal by the Multiple Batch Settlement (MBS) Working Group of the PESONet ACH Operations

Committee to already start the conduct of a User Acceptance Testing for the PESONet Multiple Batch Settlement in

preparation for its Live Date slated on October 2021.

2. The PESONet MBS will be initially rolled out with two (2) clearing cycles with the following timelines, viz:

Cut-Off Time for Inward File Deadline for Status

Outward Transactions Availability Update File

First Cycle 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 2:00 PM

Second Cycle 4:00 PM 4:30 PM 11:00 PM

3. During the UAT period, banks are enjoined to perform activities in the ordinary course of PESONet Operations, to


3.1. Download and process the inward file for both clearing cycles

3.2. Provide Status Update Files for their inward transactions

4. As part of the PESONet MBS, additional functionalities have also been provided in the PESONet Front-End to allow

management of each participants’ DDA3 account, to wit:

4.1. Monitoring of DDA3 Balances

4.2. Defunding from DDA3 to the main DDA account

5. PESONet participants are also encouraged to validate and use the UAT as an opportunity to test their internal

processes and procedures to ensure that they can send and receive PESONet transactions for both PESONet cycles.

6. PESONet participants may begin to access the PESONet MBS Front-End Application on 10 September 2021


7. Existing user credentials used in the PESONet UAT Front-End Application at may

be used to login to the PESONet MBS UAT Front-End Application.

8. The User Acceptance Testing will run from 10 September 2021 until 01 October 2021 organized in the following


Activity Date From Date To

Inspection Period 10 September 2021 10 September 2021

1st Cycle 13 September 2021 17 September 2021

2nd Cycle 20 September 2021 24 September 2021

3rd Cycle 27 September 2021 01 October 2021

9. Participants are requested to participate for at least 2 business days for 1st and 2nd UAT cycle, and for all business

days during the 3rd UAT cycle.

10. Upon conclusion of the 3rd UAT cycle, PESONet participants will be requested to submit the PESONet MBS User

Acceptance Testing Sign-Off Form to signify their readiness to migrate to the PESONet MBS platform.

11. PCHC’s PESONet Support Team may be contacted should any assistance be required during the UAT, and may be

reached via e-mail at or through telephone at 8537-2750.

12. For information and guidance.

PESONet MC.21-067.Guidelines on the UAT for the PESONet MBS
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