PESONet MC 20-033

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

October 29, 2020

T O : All PESONet Participating Banks/Institutions


1. We wish to remind all PESONet participants on the implementation of the Enhanced Interface File format (EIF) beginning February 1, 2021.

2. As agreed in the PESONet ACH Steering Committee, the February 1, 2021 cutover date is non-extendable. This means that beginning this date, a participant should be sending PESONet transactions that follows one standard ISO 20022 format whether sent in EIF, via API or via the PESONet front-end.

3. PCHC will continue to accept and convert the EPCS and PhilPaSS Remit file formats through the PESONet Front-End until January 31, 2021 only. In the meantime, a number of PESONet participants have begun to use the EIF format and are beginning to benefit from the expanded field lengths the format offers.

4. As was mentioned before, banks that are still not using the PESONet Enhanced Interface File formats, must take note that:

a. The transition from the EPCS and PhilPaSS Remit file formats to PESONet Enhanced Interface File format is being made to address issues with truncation and duplication of OFI Reference Numbers that has been discussed in several meetings of the PESONet Operations Sub-Committee.

b. The EIF eliminates the issue by shifting the identifier of a transaction from the OFI Reference Number to the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).

c. Banks that are using the EIF will now be able to uniquely identify a transaction on the basis of the UUID and provide status accordingly.

d. Banks that do not use the EIF will continue to experience issues that are associated with the truncation of OFI Reference Numbers. The EIF allows for reference numbers of up to 35 characters. This means that transactions whose reference numbers are truncated need to be provided with status manually through the PESONet Front-End Application.

5. To assist banks that are not yet on EIF and to prevent potential delays and other operational issues, PCHC has temporarily provided a workaround that will allow matching of the 16-character OFI Reference Numbers in the EPCS format with the 35-character OFI Reference Numbers in the EIF format.

PESONet MC.20-033
.Reminder on the Implem