PDDTS OM 20-001

13 August 2020

TO : All Clearing Banks/Institutions


1. We are pleased to inform that starting August 17, 2020, operation of the Philippine Domestic Dollar

Transfer System (PDDTS) - Gross Settlement Real Time (GSRT) will be transferred to the Philippine

Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) and will be renamed PDDTS - Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

2. On the same date, PCHC will also serve as the gateway for the settlement of Payment versus Payment

(PvP) between banks, via the Bloomberg platform and the Citi and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

settlement systems.

3. The following timelines shall be strictly observed subject to change as soon as BSP PhilPaSS returns to

normal business hours (as will be announced by the BSP), to wit:

Activity Start End

Uploading of Beginning Balances 8:30 am 9:00 am

PDDTS Operations

USD RTGS Operations 9:00 am 2:00 pm

PvP Operations 9:00 am 2:00 pm

Deadline for Authorization of USD

RTGS or PvP Transactions 2:00 pm

PDDTS Batch Netting 9:00 am 2:00 pm

Batch Netting File Upload 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

PhilPaSS 9:00 am 3:00 pm

End of Day Report Generation 2:30 pm 3:30 pm

4. Participants must ensure that all transactions are encoded/uploaded and authorized no later than the

prescribed timelines as indicated above.

5. As all cut-off times are system initiated, extensions are not allowed unless caused by system, power or

network wide failure in which case the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)/Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), as

provided in the PDDTS Service Agreement, shall be invoked.

6. PDDTS Operations are considered completed for the day when the following conditions are met, to wit:

a. USD Settlement Bank (Citi) confirms the completion of its upload of the PDDTS EOD Netting File to its

system or to an alternative process used by Citibank to achieve the same, such as by pushing a

button that is provided by PCHC at the "End of Day" page of the PDDTS Front-End.

b. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, through its PhilPaSS platform, provides a final status report (whether

successful or unsuccessful) for all transactions that are sent for the PESO leg settlement of a PvP


7. Notwithstanding absence, at times of indication by the Settlement Bank that the PDDTS EOD Netting File

has been uploaded, or that its transactions have been entered in the PDDTS Front-End, PDDTS Operations

for the day will nonetheless be considered completed at the time indicated in the table in item 3 above.

8. Upon conclusion of the PDDTS business day, PCHC shall provide the Settlement Bank with appropriated

reports and interface files, to wit:

a. EOD per Participant Bank (Interface File)

b. PDDTS Ending Balances Report

9. The mentioned reports and interface files are downloadable by the Settlement Bank from the "End of

Day" page that is accessible to it. In addition, the downloading facility in the "End of Day" page provides

control information/data that will allow the Settlement Bank to validate the accuracy of the reports and

interface files, to wit:

a. Total number of settled PDDTS Domestic and PDDTS PvP transactions

b. Total settlement amount settled PDDTS Domestic and PDDTS PvP transactions

c. Total number of Cross-Border transactions

d. Total settlement amount of Cross-Border transactions

10. While PCHC does not prescribe a contact protocol between the operations personnel of PCHC and the

Settlement Bank through the telephone, such contact via telephone shall be considered in the event that

discrepancies are detected by the Settlement Bank.

11. As agreed during the Dry Run briefing held on August 5, 2020, participating banks shall strictly observe a

convention in indicating sender details in a domestic PDDTS transaction. The agreed format which aims

to comply with the banks' respective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) reporting requirements, shall be as


Field Name Information

Payment Details 1 Remitter Account Number (or other unique identifier that identifies the remitter)

Payment Details 2 Remitter Address (Line 1)

Payment Details 3 Remitter Address (Line 2)

Payment Details 4 Other Payment Information (e.g. purpose of payment)

12. For queries, questions and/or any related concerns, hereunder are the contact details of our Help Desk:


Name Landline No. Mobile No. e-Mail Address

General Inquiries

Anthony Joe C Manongas 8537 2704 0917 886 7932 thonymanongas@pchc.com.ph

Hector A Lasaleta 8537 2702 0917 863 0238 hectorlasaleta@pchc.com.ph

Operations Support

Frederick M Garcia 8537 2703 0917 801 3425 erickgarcia@pchc.com.ph

Gary E Ednalaga 8537 2705 0917 838 7053 garyednalaga@pchc.com.ph

Jose Vicente G Ga 8537 2706 0917 838 7071 jovicga@pchc.com.ph

Technical Support

Roy Angelo A Delos Reyes 8537 2707 0917 592 1576 royettedlreyes@pchc.com.ph

Maximillian K Torrecampo 8537 2710 0917 838 7096 maxitorrecampo@pchc.com.ph

Ruben T Conseja 8537 2711 0917 838 7010 rubenconseja@pchc.com.ph

Noel A Quitlong 8537 2712 0917 838 7056 noelquitlong@pchc.com.ph


Linley V Julian 8537 2713 0917 838 7050 leyjulian@pchc.com.ph

13. We trust everything would be in order.

PDDTS OM.20-001
.PDDTS RTGS and PvP Opera

PDDTS OM.20-001
.PDDTS RTGS and PvP Opera