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PDDTS MC 1992-02 (FX MC)

Updated: Apr 22

January 29, 1991

TO : ALL FX Credit Clearing Banks/Institutions RE : INCREASED MAXIMUM LIMIT FOR DOLLAR AND PESO REMITTANCES 1. Further to BAP letter dated January 23, 1992 and CB Circular No. 1322 Series of 1992 (copies of which are

attached), we are pleased to inform that the FX Credit Clearing PC Software has been modified to increase the

maximum limit to $10,000 for the Dollar Remittances and ₱300,000.00 for the Peso Remittances.

2. The diskette containing the revised FX Software shall be available for pick-up by your authorized representative

beginning January 30, 1992.


PDDTS MC 1992-02
.Increased Maximum Limit

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