PAS5 MC 2022-001

March 16, 2022

T O : All PAS5 Participating Banks


1. We wish to thank all PAS5 participants for sending their questions/request for clarifications on the earlier

announced migration of the Payment Application Secure Version 5 or PAS5 (formerly termed as Project Abstract

Secure) to Version 6.

2. Our response to these questions/clarifications which already include feedback/information from the Bureau of

Customs will be disseminated by PCHC Help Desk via email to all PAS5 participants.

3. For the migration, PCHC would like to assure all existing PAS5 participants that at a minimum, we do not expect

banks to make significant changes to their existing processes or systems. The extent of changes will depend on

the connectivity method that a bank will use to connect to the PAS6 Backend System which can be:

3.1. Via Front-End Application – The PAS5 Front-End Application will be changed to the PAS6 Front-End

Application. The PAS6 Front-End Application will incorporate all features of the PAS5 Front-End


3.2. Via Host-To-Host Connectivity – The underlying file formats used in the Host-To-Host Connectivity will be

preserved. Only the client application used in the Host-To-Host connectivity will be replaced with the

PAS6 Host-To-Host Client Application

3.3. Via API Connectivity – This is a new feature of the PAS6 and will require banks to implement the PAS6 Web

Service API

3.4. Via PCHC PayGate – The PCHC PayGate will be enabled in the PAS6 after its initial Go Live Implementation,

and will require the implementation of the PCHC PayGate APIs

4. All connectivity options outlined above will be made available to PAS6 participants, hence each participant may

choose to elect which of the foregoing connectivity options it would like to initially implement.

5. For the project rollout/timeline, please refer to attached Annex A.

6. We look forward to your full support and participation.

PAS MC.2022-001.Questions Concerning Payment Application Secure Ver. 6 (PAS6)
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PAS MC.2022-001.Annex A
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