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CICS OM 20-034

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

September 14, 2020

T O : All Member/Participant Banks


1. In line with PCHC’s thrust to improve processes in rendering the above service to participant banks, starting September 16, 2020, all photocopy production shall be printed in a standard form without additional cost to the requesting banks.

2. Relative to this service, we wish to remind that in order for PCHC to serve expeditiously your photocopy requests, we need to be furnished the necessary information to immediately locate requested images from our archive, to wit:

2.1. Information required for:

2.1.1. Outward Items: Date of Clearing BRSTN of Sender/Presenting Bank Check Number BRSTN of Drawee Bank Drawer Account Number Amount of Check

2.1.2. Inward Items: Date of Clearing Check Number BRSTN of Drawee Bank Drawer Account Number Amount of Check

3. We likewise wish it noted that cost for reproducing photocopies are billed separately via Charge Slip with the following terms and condition:

3.1. Billing/Settlement of photocopy production is done on a monthly basis.

3.2. Cost per photocopy page is ₱45 (this pricing has not been changed since March 1, 2004).

However, for bulk requests depending on the volume, an additional maintenance cost

shall be charged to the requesting bank, viz:

3.2.1. Maintenance cost for 19 pages and below: 0%

3.2.2. Maintenance cost for 20 to 49 pages: 25% of ₱1,200 which is equivalent to ₱300.00

3.2.3. Maintenance cost for 50 to 75 pages: 50% of ₱1,200 which is equivalent to ₱600.00.

3.2.4. Maintenance cost for 75 pages and above: 100% of ₱1,200

4. While PCHC may be able to immediately provide photocopy of images presented under CICS that are still available at the online archive, considerable time and effort is needed to locate Check images especially those captured under the ECCS (previous system) which require additional time to retrieve/convert images from long term storage media.

5. For your convenience, we attached a form marked as Annex A to be used in documenting your photocopy request, to be signed by requesting bank’s authorized signatory/liaison officer.

CICS OM No.20-034
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