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CICS OM 17-013

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

07 April 2017

Memo To : All Member/Participant Banks


1. We enumerate the contingency measures to be observed whenever the following exceptions/ scenarios are encountered, to wit:

1.1.Scenario 1. Inability to use the CICS Front-end System and there is no connectivity to the Head Office PBM

Assumption: Connectivity between the bank's head offic3 and its branch/es is unavailable. PBM server at the head office and connectivity to PCHC are available. banks may consider using or availing any of the following options:

1.1.1. On-Premise PCHC Frond-end Back-up Facility - As part of service commitment to our

member banks, a generic CICS Front-end System (FES) will be made available at PCHC Manila and Makati Offices to serve as "last mile" back up for Member Banks. This facility shall also be made available for new entrants i.e. clearing subscribers with small clearing volume. Below are the guidelines in availing PCHC's On-premise CICS Front-end System: Coordinate schedule through PCHC Service Help Desk prior to use. Walk-in shall be entertained on a first-come first-served basis. Observance of the cut-off in CICS transmission shall be strictly observed. As such, we advise participant banks using the facility to allot ample time to complete outward clearing preparation/transmission. PCHC Service personnel will be assigned to assist availing banks.

1.1.2. Remote CICS Front-end Back-up - Banks having trouble with their FES but still have a working capture device (scanner) may access CICS FES remotely if such device is supported. This arrangement however, requires prior registration of the bank/branch so that secure access and client FES application licenses can be provided beforehand by PCHC. This option includes transmission of generated ICL directly to PCHC. A registration form is attached (Annex A) for this purpose. Connect using the CICS FES and transmit the generated outward ICL Files Once PCHC receives the ICL Files, they will be sent to the PCHC Backend Server Login to the Web Portal and verify that all outward ICL files have been received successfully The use of any of the foregoing options under Scenario 1 is nevertheless subject to the same applicable security measures required to any participant banks using their own FES

1.1.3. Banks availing any of the above options are however cautioned that any successful transmission previously made using their own facility (i.e. FES and PBM) may result to duplicate items which may be automatically returned by the Drawee PBM if inadvertently retransmitted using a different PBM. it is necessary that careful verification shall be made in the Web Portal prior to resending ICLs.

1.2. Scenario 2. Inability to transmit ICL thru the PBM located at the Head Office

Assumptions: Primary PBM at the head office is either not working or connectivity between the PBM Server and PCHC cannot be established. There are at least three (3) possible options available tot he banks under Scenario 2.

1.2.1. Use of a Secondary PBM. PCHC enjoined the banks to make provisions for a Back-up PBM. Such as set-up will enable the bank to immediately switch to a backup PBM when the Primary PBM fails. Activation of a backup PBM or reconfiguring a Secondary PBM to serve as Primary requires the following steps: A Bank that suffers PBM malfunction shall reconfigure its FES to access the backup/secondary PBM server instead of the primary As inward ICLs and reports are pushed by the Clearing House Module (CHM) to the Primary PBM of the Drawee Bank, there is a need for the bank switching to a backup/secondary PBM to inform PCHC so that PCHC can change the parameter at the backend accordingly. Once the reconfigured backup/secondary PBM is up, all inward ICLs and Reports will then be directed to it. Reverting to the previous/primary PBM will require the bank to change the configuration of its FES and to advise PCHC to slip back the parameter at the PCHC Backend.

1.2.2. Use of Portable Media. Should a bank loses connectivity to PCHC and its PBM is unable to transmit outward ICL files to PCHC; the bank may physically transfer outward ICL using a portable drive or media. Bank should coordinate with PCHC informing the transfer of outward ICL Files using a portable media. PCHC may set a deadline for acceptance of such portable media which is earlier than the fixed 4:30 PM cut-off. Once clearance from PCHC is obtained and that according to the concerned bank's assessment, it can deliver, the bank may proceed to copy all generated ICL Files from the FES/PBM into the portable media. The portable media containing the generated outward ICL Files must reach PCHC on or before the specified deadline. Generated outward ICL Files will be processed by PCHC subject to the same security validation that is applied to such files when transmitted via PBM. Banks availing of this option may login to the Web Portal to verify and validate 'sent outward' transactions.

1.2.3. Use of e-mail Facility. Small-volume banks (less than 100 outward items) experiencing problem in transmitting ICL thru its PBM may, as an alternate option, send the generated ICL Files via e-mail. for this purpose, kindly also indicate in the registration form attached to this Operating Memo (Annex A). Banks shall coordinate with PCHC (via phone call) for the use of this e-mail facility. Advise PCHC prior to availment of this option. Generate all the outward ICLs or copy generated ICLs from FES/PBM. Zip all generated/copied ICL Files with embedded password. Send the Zipped files thru e-mail to the designated email account mentioned in the acknowledgment sent in response to your registration (using the attached registration form). Upon receipt, PCHC shall extract the outward ICL Files using the Password sent to a separate e-mail address or mobile number. Extracted files will be submitted to the CHM subject to the same security validation performed by the bank's PBM. Sender Bank may login to the Web Portal to verify status of the e-mailed ICL.

1.3. Scenario 3. Inability to use Front-end System but connectivity to PBM is working

Assumptions: Connectivity between head office and its branches is working. PBM is working and connectivity to PCHC is available. Front-end System of the head office is not working.

1.3.1. Guest User Facility. The guest user facility is a feature in some bank's Front-end application which may be made available for use by other banks. Banks that support the guest user feature have the discretion of making this feature available for other banks' use. Should a Member bank allow, below are the guidelines to be observed: Bring all unprocessed checks to a nearby bank/branch with Guest User Facility Capture Data/Images and perform the Data Entry, Correction, and Balancing processes at the Host bank/branch's front-end system Generate the Outward Image Cash Letter ( copy all into any portable media Go back to own bank's premises and follow internal procedures to send those generated outward ICLs for processing by the PBM.

2. We trust everything is in order.

CICS OM No.17-013
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