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CICS OM 17-006

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

18 January 2017

TO : All Member/Participant Banks



1. As provided in Section 16.b of the CICS Rules and Regulations, a Unique Identification Code (UIC) shall be printed at the dorsal side of the original Check. If the capture device cannot print UIC on the original Check, it can be electronically imposed on the dorsal image of the Check. In case of electronic imposition of UIC on the dorsal image, the original Check must be stamped with the bank’s guarantee stamp.

1.1. At its option, a Member Bank may manually stamp or print on the dorsal side of the Check a Bank Guarantee


1.1.1. In case a Check is deposited for clearing at a non-member bank which have conduit arrangement with a

PCHC member bank, it (non-member bank) shall limit its endorsement to the following information: Bank Name Branch Name Address (or Locality)

1.1.2. No other extraneous information is added thereto which may mislead the drawee bank. For this purpose,

the size of the non-member bank’s endorsement stamp should be no more than 3/4" x 2”.

1.2. Member Banks may affix the prescribed guarantee stamp below in lieu of the mandatory Unique Identification

Code (UIC), in the following format:

1.2.1. The maximum actual size of the rubber stamp should be 1 & 1/2” x 2 & 1/2".

1.2.2. It shall be the responsibility of the Presenting Bank/branch to make sure that its guarantee stamp is

affixed in case the mandatory UIC failed to be printed on the original Check or in case only electronic

imposition of UIC on the dorsal image of the Check is made. This is to ensure that all clearing items

accepted for deposit bear indication that they have been negotiated.

2. No Drawee Bank shall return any Regular Clearing Item (RCI) by reason only of the absence or lack of UIC or Bank Guarantee Stamp on the check image. The absence or incompleteness of UIC however, shall be subject to a penalty if there is no Bank Guarantee Stamp in lieu of the UIC.

2.1. Drawee Bank shall include in the next clearing session, a Clearing Receipt/Charge Slip for collection of penalty.

2.2. The following information should be indicated in the Charge Slip:

2.2.1. Sender Bank/Branch Name

2.2.2. BRSTN

2.2.3. Check Number

2.2.4. Transaction Date

2.2.5. Amount

2.3. Absence of UIC or Bank Guarantee on the dorsal image of the Check shall be subject to Php100.00 penalty to

be collected by the Drawee Bank from the Presenting Bank/Branch.

2.4. Incompleteness or unreadability of the UIC or of the Guarantee Stamp (in lieu of UIC) shall be subject to

Php50.00 penalty to be collected by the Drawee Bank from the Presenting Bank/Branch.

CICS OM No.17-006
.(1)Procedures on Affix

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