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CICS OM 17-004

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

18 January 2017

T 0 : All Member/Participant Banks


1. PCHC maintains database of all Clearing Participants and parameters that define the system

operations. Updates to this information on the system are carried out by PCHC on a semi-

monthly basis. Such updates include requests from banks as follows:

1.1.Inclusion of a new bank/branch assigned BRSTN in the system

1.2.Deletion or inactivation of BRSTN;

1.3.Change of bank or branch Name and/or Address;

1.4.Change of bank president or its equivalent, to whom special reports and/or

communications are specifically addressed;

1.5.Data capture requirements; and

1.6.Other requests that require changes to Processing Parameter Files.

2. To allow lead time for the required revisions and complete cycle systems testing (if required),

Members/Participants must observe the cut-offs for the implementation of requests (which must

be in writing) covering any of the aforementioned matters, to wit:

2.1.Requests received by PCHC on or before the 5th day of a calendar month shall be

implemented on the 16th of that month or on the immediately following working day if

the 16th of the month is a non-working day in both Manila and Makati cities;

2.2.Requests received on or before the 20th day of a calendar month shall be implemented on

the 1st clearing day of the following calendar month.

3. We wish to remind that a bank or branch which has been assigned a BRSTN is not automatically

included in the list of active participants unless date of participation is formally communicated to

PCHC. Moreover, BRSTNs included in the list of active participants shall be subject to the

prevailing Processing Fees (minimum) even if there is no inward or outward transactions. It shall be the responsibility of participant bank to advise PCHC to inactivate or delete BRSTNs as the case may be.

3.1.To save on minimum fees, a Member/Participant Bank may request temporary inactivation

of BRSTNs newly included in the list of active participants if its actual participation for any

reason, cannot be implemented as scheduled.

3.2.Request for deletion of active BRSTNs under CICS no longer requires the minimum number

of inward items.

4. Member/Participant Banks requesting changes for immediate implementation (i.e. not observing standard cut-off) shall be charged a fee of Php20,000.00 to cover cost of programming and logistics for the unscheduled complete cycle system tests.

5. Attached is the pro forma letter to be used by Member/Participant Banks in requesting updates to the CICS Parameter Files.

6. For information and guidance.

CICS OM No.17-004
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