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CICS MC 3589

Updated: Jan 5

January 10, 2020

T O : All Clearing Banks/Institutions


1. In response to inquiries of some Clearing Participants, PCHC would like to confirm that it has not issued any

Memorandum or Advisory amending or revising CICS OM 18-021 (Uniform Interpretation on Dates of Checks).

2. As CICS-OM 18-021 remains in effect, Checks with date of issue written in the following format/style:

Format Example

Fully written November 03, 2020

Fully written 03 November 2020

Abbreviated Month (First three letters) Nov 3, 2020

Abbreviated month 03 Nov 2020

Shortened 03 Nov 20

Numeric style (with full year) 11032020

Numeric style (with last 2-digit year) 110320

Numeric with ‘/’ partition (full year) 11/03/2020

Numeric with ‘/’ partition (shortened year) 11/03/20

Numeric with ‘-’ partition (full year) 11-03-2020

Numeric with ‘-’ partition (shortened year) 11-03-20

Numeric with ‘.’ partition (full year) 11.03.2020

Numeric with ‘.’ Partition (shortened year) 11.03.20

are acceptable for clearing until an amending clearing policy is issued.

3. In this connection, we would like to reiterate the guidelines provided in other issuances of PCHC (Memo Circulars

No. 3436 and 3437), to wit:

a. Clearing Participants shall read the date as November 3, 2020 or as the case may be, regardless of the form or

shape of the partition symbol (like an asterisk or double partition line/back slash, small circle, or square, etc.);

b. The date should be written as MM-DD-YYYY or “MM-DD-YY (Month-Day-Year);

c. A bank which presents a Check with issue date written entirely in numerals (without clear indication which

numerals refer to the month of issue) is deemed to warrant to the Drawee Bank that the check is neither “stale”

not “postdated; and

d. All post-dated Checks (PDCs) bearing formats other than those illustrated above and which were accepted and

warehoused prior to July 1, 2018 should continue to be accepted for clearing until paid/negotiated.

4. For your information and guidance.

MC.3589.Writing Date on Checks
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