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Arbitration Rules of Procedure-2012

Updated: Dec 18, 2020


Sec. 1 - Any dispute or controversy between two or more clearing participants

involving any cheque/item cleared thru PCHC shall be submitted to the

Arbitration Committee (ARBICOM for short) upon written complaint of

any involved participant. The complaint which shall be prepared in seven

(7) copies shall state concisely the ultimate facts constituting the plaintiff’s

cause or causes of action and shall specify the relief sought and the names

and addresses of the parties. Five (5) copies thereof shall be filed with the

ARBICOM after serving a copy upon the respondent or respondents. The

hereto attached model form Annex “A” of the Complaint is recommended,

to be accompanied, whenever applicable, by either Annex “B” or Annex

“C” also attached.

Sec. 2 - The complainant shall upon filing its complaint pay to the ARBICOM a fee

in accordance with the following schedule:

Case Amount Filing Fee

a) P 50,000.00 or less P 2,000.00 (minimum)

b) Any amount over P 2,000.00 + P10.00 per

P50,000.00 P 1,000.00 or fraction thereof

The excess over P50,000.00

Sec. 3 - The respondent/s shall, within a non-extendible period of thirty (30) days

from receipt of the complaint, file its/their answer and serve copy thereof to

the complainant.

Within a period of thirty-five (35) days from filing/submission of the

complaint, the ARBICOM, through its Secretariat, shall notify the parties of

the composition of its panel or the name of the Sole Arbitrator, as the case

may be. The parties shall have five (5) days from receipt of the written

notice within which to file with the Arbitration Secretariat their respective

formal objection/challenge to the arbitrator/s stating the grounds therefore.

Failure to file such formal objection/challenge within the prescribed period

shall be construed as an acceptance of the qualifications and appointment

of the arbitrator/s.

Within a period of fifteen (15) days after the selection/appointment of the

arbitrator/s has been finally agreed upon, the ARBICOM must set the case

for preliminary conference, which should be terminated within twenty (20)

Arbitration Rules Of Procedure_2012
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